Coull simply do not and will not tolerate the trafficking of content that may endanger, depreciate or damage the brand reputation of our Platform Partners or advertisers represented via our platform. This is why Coull authenticates every inventory supply source and monitor the billions of impressions we serve to uphold the integrity of our Platform and Partners.

Coull Policy Details

Coull operates and enforces a strict brand safety policy with Coull Platform Partners. This policy defines and controls the types of content that will not be tolerated on the Coull Platform.

The following content is prohibited:

  • All content falling under the following IAB content categories and sub-categories thereof:
    • (IAB25-1) Unmoderated UGC
    • (IAB25-2) Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence
    • (IAB25-3) Pornography
    • (IAB25-4) Profane Content
    • (IAB25-5) Hate Content
    • (IAB25-6) Under Construction
    • (IAB25-7) Incentivised
    • (IAB26-1) Illegal
    • (IAB26-2) Warez
    • (IAB26-3) Spyware/Malware
    • (IAB26-4) Copyright Infringement
    • (IAB25) Non-Standard Content
    • (IAB26) Illegal Content
  • Coull maintains additional content categories for any content that falls outside of the IAB content categories. Coull may block any content within these categories if it is deemed unsatisfactory by Coull Compliance.

Takedown Policy

Coull Platform supply partners are expected to ensure all traffic they send us is in accordance with Coull’s brand safety policy. Partners who do not comply, or fail to cooperate under this or any other application area of Coull’s TQA program may be subject to partial or complete suspension of services until a re-negotiation of their quality status with Coull is met.

Coull also upholds the right to suspend partial or complete services based on other data that may be collected by our wider procedures but not included in detail here.

Should Coull be informed by a partner of site or ad activity that does not adhere to the brand safety policy the site in question will be paused within 24 hours pending review.

Partners are encouraged to contact to discuss any further details or areas of concern regarding adherence to this or any other area of Coull’s TQA program.

How Coull Protect the Integrity of Brands on our Platform

Pre-contractually, supply inventory is human vetted by Coull’s dedicated Compliance Team and verified as safe, or rejected – at which point further talks with the supply partner will be terminated.

Coull employs both human and technological approaches to identifying and preventing ads being delivered into content environments that may pose a risk to brand image.

Identifying Unsafe Content

  • Coull leverage data from our trusted impression measurement partners; we investigate supply sources with suspicious activity and unmask unsafe domains posing as legitimate ones.
  • Coull’s Compliance Officer and supporting Compliance Team audit our inventory using a variety of techniques to detect the illegitimate content.
  • Coull’s proprietary content categorisation algorithms categorise all inventory and block any that is unsuitable.

Removing Unsafe Content

  • Coull blocks all unsafe traffic identified to be infringing upon our brand safety policy, through IP, domain and partner blocks. We implement traffic filters powered by extensive databases, keeping non-compliant content out.
  • Coull works closely with partners to remove unsafe content sources and improve buying habits.
  • Thanks to Coull’s extensive inventory categorisation we are able to offer quality verified whitelists and blocklists for campaign managers to transact upon with confidence.

Additionally, Coull’s dedicated in-house compliance team are committed to case-by-case consultation with all partners, providing brand safety advice and are available for customer support on request. Please contact: