The TQA program combines Coull proprietary technology, industry-leading third-party measurement and dedicated human resources under this initiative.

Leveraging over a decade of experience in online video advertising, Coull has designed our TQA program specifically to protect Coull platform partners from the negative effects caused by harmful video advertising transactions on the Open Web.

TQA Program Objectives

The objectives of Coull’s TQA program are as follows:

  • Detect all general and sophisticated invalid traffic sources (GIVT/SIVT) in partnership with industry-leading measurement vendors.
  • Apply and maintain IP and domain filters that block all identified invalid traffic sources.
  • Ensure brand safety for advertising partners by filtering and vetting supply sources against Coull’s strict Brand Safety Protection policy.
  • Dedicate our own Coull Compliance Officer and a supporting Compliance Team towards actively improving inventory quality, by collaborating with supply partners and protecting demand partners as defined by Coull’s TQA program.
  • Offer verified whitelist and blocklist consultation and management for campaign managers.
  • Make billing disputes arising from fraudulent, misrepresented or otherwise unwanted inventory transactions a thing of the past.

TQA Application Areas

The TQA program achieves its goals by addressing the following focus areas for inventory quality assurance and buyer protection:

These application areas are upheld by Coull’s Compliance Team and Compliance Officer according to the full details contained in the related support articles.


All Coull Platform partners must demonstrate active engagement in vetting, maintaining and monitoring the quality of their supply sources in accordance with Coull’s TQA program and following compliance instructions from Coull. Partners who do not comply or fail to cooperate under the terms of the Coull’s TQA program may be subject to partial or complete suspension of services until a re-negotiation of their quality status with Coull is met.

Partners are encouraged to contact to discuss any further details or areas of concern regarding adherence to Coull’s TQA program.