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We always have and always will be vigilant when it comes to ad fraud. We take pride in having transparency at the heart of what we do and have invested in our technology to ensure we are fraud-free and brand-safe.

Our ethos


The first step towards a fraud-free internet is complete transparency throughout the whole industry.


By working with third-party verification partners, we can build trust along the whole digital chain.


Educating people about the different types of fraud is one of the most effective ways in which we can eliminate ad fraud.

Direct Partnerships

By hosting our own exchange, we cut out the middlemen and ensure the most direct route from publisher to advertiser.


Industry bodies have set guidelines for tackling ad fraud and we follow these standards closely. We’re proud IAB members with IAB Gold Standard certification

Our compliance process

In-house verification

Quality content

Third-party verification

JICWEBS Brand Safety

Ads.txt implementation

Pre-boarding checks

Coull compliance process

Pre-boarding checks

When someone wants to partner with us, we complete pre-boarding checks such as looking into the reputation of the company and domains. It’s also important that every company we partner with aligns with our ethos.


We work closely with our partners and top third-party verification vendors to guarantee quality inventory for our advertisers. Also, our work with supply partners ensures ads.txt is fully implemented and our own in-house tech verifies implementation according to the IAB specifications.


Throughout partnership, we continue to monitor and react to changes accordingly. Our monitoring includes identifying sources of ad fraud and blocking IPs, domains and Geos where appropriate.

Some sources of ad fraud we look for are...

automated bots ad fraud

Automated traffic (bots)

Bots mimic human behaviour and click on ads to generate ad revenue for the site’s owner.

proxy traffic ad fraud

Proxy traffic

Traffic is routed through a proxy device or network where the ad is rendered in a real user’s device.

ghost sites ad fraud

Ghost sites

Sites that are made to resemble real websites and host ads, but instead have no real value.

domain spoofing ad fraud

Domain spoofing

Ad requests that pretend to be from a different, more valuable domain.

brand safety umbrella

Brand safety

We are committed to brand safety and have earned the JICWEBS brand safety seal as official recognition of our efforts. Industry standards body, ABC, have verified that we're compliant with the JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles.


Viewability is of paramount importance to us. Using our technology expertise, in combination with our measurement partners, we’ve built our own viewable inventory marketplace.

Our proprietary pre-bid viewability technology detects how much of the ad unit is in view on the page before we pass the request to our advertisers. This gives the advertisers real-time data to help them make the best buying decision and minimise wasted ad spend.

cyber eye viewability