What the latest PWC and IAB Adspend report means for 2017

The IAB and PWC have released the latest digital ad revenue figures for 2016...

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The latest PWC and IAB Adspend report has been released, so let’s have a look at what this means for 2017. These figures are based on the first half of 2016 compared with the first half of 2015.

Increased spend

The overall findings show that digital adspend continue to increase and, compared to the same last year, it’s 20% higher. So although Toblerone’s changing shape, at least something in our retail economy is getting bigger: digital adspend.

toblerone - IAB adspend

The report stated that, historically, around 53% of the year’s revenue comes from the second quarter. So we should see further growth when the next report is released. The trajectory is going one way…up!

IAB adspend chart

Domination in mobile revenue growth

IAB adspend - historic mobile video growth

‘Digital video on smartphones and tablets saw strong triple-digit growth, reaching $1.6 billion in HY 2016, an impressive 178% rise from HY 2015.’

We’re seeing strong revenues across the board but, unsurprisingly, the spend has shifted towards the mobile platform.

We know mobile ad formats are doing well, but the IAB has also taken a look at which categories are performing better. It’s no surprise that retail is right there at the top. Mobile-targeted retails ads are only beginning to take-off. So the second half of the year will reveal more about the changing purchase journey.

Whilst desktop search was down from 2015, combined desktop and mobile search is actually up 17%. This just goes to show how the mobile device is taking over. Mobile is definitely an area where more analysis and investment will be focused on in 2017.

IAB adspend - ad revenue by category

Video is really showing its strength across all platforms. As we introduce more relevant and better mobile experiences, mobile video is set to be the main revenue generator for media companies.

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