Winter (and Change) is here… for Over-The-Top (OTT)

Winter (and Change) is here… for Over-The-Top (OTT)

Over-The-Top is Ad Tech’s new best friend

Online video is influencing all generations and consumers are now watching more than eight hours of online content every week Rapidly evolving audience behaviour in 2018 has continued to drive video growth for over-the-top (OTT).

Global markets progressively continue to adopt online video as it becomes more popular, while the U.S remains a leader in Connected TV (CTV) and OTT. The growth of OTT subscribers and global OTT viewing time shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Where is OTT really hitting home?

A recent IAB Study found that in the U.S, over two-thirds of adults (that typically watched OTT video) stated that they watch ad-supported OTT video (IAB Video Centre of Excellence). Millennials in the U.S are by far the largest adopters of CTV and OTT, paving the way for the most popular channel through which advertisers can reach these ‘cord-cutting’ audiences.

Further East however, has also been a year of substantial growth for online video. Asia-Pacific (APAC) has witnessed a boom in OTT and CTV devices. Improvements in audience targeting and better quality video ad experiences has led to a spike in video ad spend in the region, with this trend set to continue well into 2019. Japan and Korea, as leaders in the established ad tech market have experienced some growth. However, due to their deep level of market integration, some areas of OTT adoption have been slower coming in comparison to the US – though growth is expected to be much quicker in 2019. So we can expect more innovative techniques and developments to emerge out of that corner of the world within the coming years.

What can advertisers do to achieve meaningful reach?

Previously advertisers had to simply get their ads in front of as many eyes as possible. These days advertisers need to calculate and target their efforts through campaigns based on first-party customer data. As advertisers today are continually pressing for consumer attention and business, personalised ad experiences are becoming the more popular way to do it.

It should come at no surprise that many people aren’t huge fans of seeing ads. Especially when those ads get in the way of our user-experience. Our products are able to solve that problem and add value to any video.

Original approaches and uninhibited user-experiences are what consumers want. Our On-Pause format only displays an advert when a video is paused. An innovative way to utilise unused and non-intrusive space don’t you think?


On-Pause Demo

Our Overstream On-Pause ad format mimics and aligns with the behaviours of TV advertising. Delivering relevant, in-view ads politely, when a user chooses to pause content for whatever reason, such as a tea break, interruption or to replay a section. By not interfering with the user experience or content, users are communicated to at a time of their choosing or expectation.

We’re proud of our Overstream On-Pause ad format. We feel that it can not only deliver content respectfully, but also add value to the users experience online. That’s the real goal at the end of the day right?

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