How trust in publisher’s videos creates demand that leads to a sale

Video is coming up fast on the inside lane and overtaking written content as the first place we turn for answers to our questions.

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Video is coming up fast on the inside lane and overtaking written content as the first place we turn for answers to our questions. Each day, over 100 million Americans watch online video, a 43% increase since 2010. By next year, video content could account for over 50% of online traffic.

Whether you type ‘how do I?’ into Google or Youtube depends on your age  – the younger you are, the more likely it is to be Youtube that you turn to first. But whatever the demographic of your audience, video feeds the demand for quick, clear, easily digestible nuggets of information that can be consumed on the go.

Video is easy to understand and makes a quicker emotional connection than written content. Because it’s easy to share, it spreads faster.  Not only is watching video less demanding than reading copy – it’s also easier to trust.

Show don’t tell

Seeing is believing, so a video demo that shows how straightforward it is to use a product is more credible than a written review that tells you it’s a breeze. People looking for answers to their questions seek out online video product reviews, trials, and how-to-guides to help them make decisions. And videos from trusted sources fuel demand for the products they feature.

What does this mean for great publishers with a high proportion of video content on their sites? In a nutshell, it means potential revenue.

Trust and revenue for publishers

Whether your videos offer inspiration, entertainment, or information, it means you have a large audience who trust you, and who will consider the products you feature. Your videos will be in the palm of your audience’s hand, and if the products are an integral part of content they have sought (rather than an advert they haven’t asked for) they’ll engage with it. If, at that point of piqued interest, they’re in the market to buy, it would be right and good if you could take a cut of the sale.

A new generation of online tools are bridging the gap between publisher’s video and consumer sale. The current state of play works against publishers. Your video creates a demand that takes the viewer away from your site – they go back to Google to search out where to buy it, or to a price comparison site to find out the best deal. New tools link your audience directly with the merchant, cutting out the search step, and rewarding you for your part in generating the sale.

Embedding a discreet natural next step in your trusted content such as ‘click here to buy’ is helpful for your audience. To see how we allow you to do this, check out Coull in-video overlay in action here.

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