Coull in Cologne

DMEXCO in a day

This year we decided to do DMEXCO in one day. Are we crazy? A little bit. But that’s all part of the fun!

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Another year, another DMEXCO has gone by. But this year, we decided to do DMEXCO at little differently…DMEXCO in one LONG day.

Yes, that meant an early morning flight to Cologne, meetings, networking (partying) and flying back in the early hours the next day. No sleep, maybe a German lager or three and many cups of coffee.

Coull in Cologne

Here’s the team looking fresh-faced after landing in Cologne.

Are we crazy? A little bit. But that’s all part of the fun!

So, here’s a roundup of our day in DMEXCO …

3 planes

2 missed flights

4 taxis

31.5 hours awake

0 hours sleep

18 meetings

Endless coffees

1 awesome party at OM Club

Kebabs, McDonald’s and any late night venue that was open


That said, we had a really good day, great meetings and lots of follow-ups to do. So the lack of sleep was worth it!


We’d like that thank everyone that met with us, hosted drinks and looked past the sleepy eyes.

And a special thank you to…

GumGum for helping with tickets and just being Ed and Louise

Sovrn for a lovely meal, beers and company on Weds evening

Rubicon for hosting drinks and much-needed pretzels after Day 1


Would you do DMEXCO in a day?


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Posted by Naomi Sandercock