Coull’s data-driven technology platform analyzes your video content and viewer engagement, unlocking data that enables contextually relevant video advertising.

Advertisers want to reach audiences as they consume relevant content. By enriching every ad request with contextual data, Coull Vidlinkr gives advertisers the confidence to buy video inventory at scale, and at premium CPMs.

With simple integration across desktop, mobile web and in-app platforms, demand partners that are global leaders, compatibility with IAB-standard ad formats, full programmatic integration and full publisher control, Coull Vidlinkr is the next evolution of online video advertising.

Highly-engaging video advertising formats

Coull Vidlinkr enables publishers and media companies to maximize their video advertising revenue through two formats:

  • Non-linear video advertising: Branded in-video overlays

This proprietary format opens up a completely new revenue stream for publishers. Branded in-video overlays from global brands are contextually targeted to your video content.

  • Linear video advertising: Pre-/mid-/post-roll 

Coull Vidlinkr delivers contextually-relevant linear video advertising.