Generate sustainable revenue from your online video inventory

Video plays a big part in how people discover online, you should be reaping the rewards for the part your content plays in that process. Coull Vidlinkr automatically connects your video viewers with relevant advertisers via our intelligent video advertising technology.

Coull’s unique technology classifies your video content at a deep level, enabling highly-optimized ad units that deliver brand messaging and creative that is relevant to your content and audience, wherever they’re watching, and whatever device they’re using.

Integration is simple, and with access to 180+ markets globally, compatible IAB-standard ad formats, full programmatic integration and unique targeting opportunities, Coull Vidlinkr is the next evolution of online video advertising.


Coull Vidlinkr doesn’t affect any existing advertising you may be using on your website, and it doesn’t require you to free up editorial space for more advertising.

Through our integrations with leading supply-side platforms Coull delivers relevant advertising programmatically, utilizing our rich understanding of video content and engagement to drive increased efficiency and yield at scale.

What our clients say:

“Engaging video content is a vital part of Future's digital growth strategy and Coull offers a creative new solution for making it pay. It's non-intrusive and integration requires minimal effort. The potential is enormous - there's nothing else like it out there and customer service has been first rate from day one.”

Paul Cunliffe - Future Publishing

Coull Insights - Free video analytics

Understand your viewer audience with Coull Insights, our new video analytics dashboard designed for digital publishers.