Discover the OverStream Suite

Creating new advertising possibilities within video.

User-friendly formats

Mass reach with video audiences

Protection against ad fraud

Highly viewable ad positioning

IAB and CfBA Compliant

Increased Click Through Rates

We offer a range of creative formats to achieve your campaign goals...


Our simplest format that delivers results from inside the video stream.

 The Banner appears for 30 seconds, offering brand engagement opportunities. The user can choose to dismiss the advert at any time with a clearly distinguished close button.


Grabs attention and encourages action, with your audience in mind.

 The Minimising MPU format appears in the corner of the video player for 5 seconds before minimising to a small 'ad-expand' icon that re-expands on user interaction. The user may then engage with, or close, the advert at their discretion.


An intelligent ad format, shown when the audience clicks pause.

 OnPause delivers an ad on the video player each time it is paused by the user. This is easily dismissible via the ‘dismiss’ button or automatically when content is resumed.


The ultimate opportunity for brands and video audiences to connect.

 DoubleUp combines the power of pre-roll video with our engaging OverStream formats for the complete video advertising experience.