thePlatform Integration

Online Video Platform

We’ve partnered with thePlatform to offer premium publisher partners a new, lucrative revenue stream that will evolve with your online video content, integrating relevant advertising that engages audiences, delivering sustainable revenue from the content you publish.

Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull delivers branded in-video overlays that are contextually relevant to your video content, the type of person watching it, their location and device.

Video plays a big part in how people discover online, you should be reaping the rewards for the part your content plays in that journey.

Features and Benefits of Integration:

  • Open an entirely new advertising inventory from your video content

  • Simple integration, scalable monetization of thePlatform videos

  • Contextual targeting of advertisers to your video content, delivering excellent eCPMs

  • Monetization across video views on desktop, mobile and tablet 

Integration is simple via Coull’s RADAR VAST tag

See it in action

To find out more about our parternship with thePlatform: