Our Story

We believe in a free World Wide Web and we exist to keep it free and clear.

As a team we created a better advertising experience, because creative ideas have the power to change the world and they should never be the sole preserve of people who can afford to pay for access to information. 

We build technology that brings trust to the huge volume of inventory in the video advertising marketplace.

We built OverStream to enable non-interruptive advertising to the world of video and to allow publishers to continue creating, empowering and entertaining.

Our platform, which processes 15bn+ video ad requests every month, dynamically validates inventory against brand safety, viewability and fraud ensuring no invalid traffic is served. 

Our inventory is made available to the programmatic video marketplace across desktop, mobile and in-app environments, giving advertisers access to validated, highly-targetable audiences and enabling media partners to realize the full value of their inventory.

As well as traditional linear pre/mid/post-roll advertising, Coull’s OverStream format offer a unique, high-performance opportunity that complements the brand awareness power of linear advertising.

Three minutes of real-time video advertising requests from the Coull Network