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Women in tech are a problem

It’s a pure and lucky coincidence that we have created a series celebrating and encouraging women in tech, just as women’s marches around the globe take centre stage. We hope this dialogue will influence change and from an industry perspective, we want to highlight the fantastic women we’re privileged to work with at Coull, and those that inspire us around the world.

I spoke with Coull developer Liv Franzén to find out how she got into the industry and how she sees the future for women in tech companies.

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The looming video adtech apocalypse of 2017

Adtech layoffs in an election year? 2017 is going to be a bloodbath…

Coull CEO Aden Forshaw discusses why he believes 2017 is going to be bloodbath for the middlemen in programmatic advertising and gives his tips for how to improve your margins by being smart about who you partner with.

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With the release of the draft spec for RTB 2.5 there are some super interesting new ideas around how to describe video adverts. Here we’ll take you through a few and how we see them being used.

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Coull CEOs martech and adtech predictions 2017

In this post Aden, CEO and Yoda of Coull -  gives his predictions for what the programmatic ad industry is going to look like in 2017.

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In November's Coull Quickie we took a deep look into ghost sites to show you how to identify them and help stop them from making it into the programmatic market place.

Learn about their features and why there are so many around and ensure you don't fall prey to the spooks of digital advertising.

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