Writer's Block - Knock it on the Head

Stuck for inspiration? We all hate writer's block so here are our tips to help you knock it on its head and get writing!

I’ve always found the easiest way to get writing, to start the process, to find ‘your voice’ (cue the opera-esque inner monologue Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa) is to read what other inspiring writers have put on paper, or now more often than not, on screen!

Now hold up, I don’t mean copy what they’ve written, hell no, cardinal sin - that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about finding an author, a blogger, a poet, a painter or musician, a programmer, coder whatever floats your boat, and ingest a piece of their work. Don’t physically eat it, like that bloke in the Hannibal movie ‘Red Dragon’ - that was a bit extreme. But do take in what they are saying, get yourself in the rhythm of prose, you’ll be surprised at what new and original ideas come to mind once your brain is in that mode.

Your fingers will start moving on their own accord, walking their way to your keyboard and before you know it your English teacher, University Lecturer, and now your Manager is telling you you’ve written too much and it’s time to cull  (that might just be me). This can be avoided however with structural planning and foresight.

Get Inspired

If you don’t have a favorite author or blogger, find one. The internet is abundant with bloggers so start searching for the kind of topics you are interested in, or for the sort of writing you want to read. There is a lot of inconsequential content out there, but you’re bound to stumble across something that fuels your creative fire. That’s what’s Google’s algorithms are for after all right? Start following writers you enjoy, interact with them, and start a conversation.

If reading a book is more your thing, head down to your local market, pop along to the library, scout amazon or go through your folks' old bookcases - sift through until you find something that excites you, and read!

…find yourself

If you’re not used to this regular writing thing, it may take you a little longer to figure out what style of writer you are. I don’t mean to say you’re a either a hipster or a mod, a rocker or a nerd, thrift store vintage connoisseur or high fashion hoarder, I just mean that everyone writes differently; figure out what works for you and go in that direction. Your posts will always come across more naturally if you write in a way that feels natural to you, and always keep your audience in mind.

If you’re a fashion blogger, your inspiration might be your favorite fashion magazine. If it’s beauty products you want to shout about perhaps a visit to the salon will do the job, or for home improvers, the hardware store may stock the fabric of your finesse. Motorbike enthusiasts, breathe in the 2-stroke and get cracking, your audience awaits.

What is your objective?

So you’ve set up your first blog – congratulations, exciting isn’t it!

You’ve got an idea for your first post and with glass of wine at the helm, you’re ready. So why are you doing this again?

If you have a clear idea of why you’re writing and who you are writing for it will be much easier to build an audience and to keep up regular blogging. Your audience pool is likely to collect from other bloggers similar to yourself, people interested in the topics you talk about, family, friends, and a range of people who stumble upon your content by accident. If the collision with your blog results in a positive experience for the reader, you may just open your blog up to a much wider audience than anticipated.

Listen to what other people are saying and learn from their experiences

You can get some great tips from bloggers who have made mistakes in the past and have rectified them. Your first boyfriend might have been a massive mistake that still haunts you to this very day (hmm wait that might just be me again) but your first blog doesn’t have to be. Listen to the fairy blog-mothers out there, take a deep breath and publish!



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