Why Your First Video Blog is Like Your First Day at School

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or someone who’s new to the game, you can’t have failed to notice the rise of video blogging, or vlogging, over the last year or so. More and more bloggers are supplementing their usual content with videos, often recorded just using a webcam or a smartphone, talking about everything under the sun.

However, for those that haven’t taken the plunge yet the idea of vlogging can be intimidating. Just like pitching up for your first day at a new school, there’s a fear that you might not fit in, you might not look quite right or say the right things. Just like the schoolyard the internet is a place full of people who aren’t afraid to comment, and putting yourself out there on camera can be disconcerting.

So what are the challenges you need to overcome and what should you do to ensure you become popular and part of the cool crowd? Let’s find out.


Imagine turning up for your first day at school, you might spend hours thinking about what to wear to make a good impression and look cool. The same thing might apply when thinking about making your first vlog, this is going to be the first time your community is going to see you in the flesh.

Is my hair perfect? What clothes should I put on? What kind of lighting should I have? These are the questions you might be considering, and it’s perfectly natural, but should you really worry about what everyone else thinks? The most important thing is just being comfortable. That means dressing as you normally would and acting like you normally would, it means being yourself.

Are the people, both on the internet and in the schoolyard, who judge you on how you look worth caring about? The people who become your friends like you for who you are and what you talk about. That goes for your blog community too. They visit your blog because they love your content, the stuff you talk about and the way you talk about it. What you wear or how you look doesn’t come into it.


Sat in a classroom for the first time it’s pretty tempting to keep your head down and only talk when absolutely necessary. The temptation is the same with vlogging. You might do it, but only because you feel you have to.

Don’t succumb to the temptation though, you’re not afraid to voice your opinions and ideas, you’re a blogger after all! The best way to get started is to just get stuck in, hold your head up high and be confident.


Being the new kid at school isn’t easy, but it gets better with time as you find your feet and settle into it. The same is true of vlogging and before you know it you’ll feel completely at home.

All it takes is a bit of confidence and the courage of your convictions. The idea isn’t to fit in and be part of the crowd, but to be yourself and to talk about the things you want to talk about. Isn’t that why you set up that blog in the first place? So why not get started today?