Welcome to The All-New Coull.com

Yesterday we launched the new and improved Coull.com. It's been a long-time coming and a challenging process that has involved a complete visual rebrand.

By way of an introduction I thought I'd give you an overview of what's changed, what's completely new and what you can expect from Coull.com in the future.


The Changes

First off, as I'm sure you've noticed, we have a different logo. It's bold, square and colorful, but we like to think we've also managed to convey a sense of Coull's quirky personality with that symmetry-compromising dot to the bottom left irritating those with OCD everywhere!

The visual design of the new Coull.com is based around the simplicity of the logo. We've used a lot of square and rectangular shapes and big bold colors against a relatively sparse and clean background. This design also lends itself nicely to a responsive layout, giving us a website that resizes to fit the screen-size of the device it's viewed on, whether that be phone, tablet or desktop.


The New

Much of our new website's architecture is based around content. Be it case-studies or testimonials about our products, or whitepapers and infographics about wider industry trends and changes, our new Resources section is where you'll find the latest stuff from our knowledgeable team, clients and users. 


The Future

We've got a lot planned for Coull.com. What you see on the website now is just the start. We'll be producing quarterly whitepapers on a number of different subjects, as well as publishing new case studies and stories as they happen. If you want to be the first to receive this new content visit the resources section, choose whether your a bloggerpublisher or advertiser, and sign up to our newsletter. We'll make sure you're first in line.



Throughout the rebrand and redesign process we've been working with two suppliers, to whom we'd like to say thank you: Halo Media and Valuable Content.  


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