Video will Never Work in the Performance Channel...

I’m one of five speakers on the New Media Traffic Acquisition Strategies panel on Day 1 of the a4uexpo in Amsterdam next week. As a preview I spoke to Pippa Chambers at Performance IN about performance in the online video space, but I thought a bit of further context might be interesting, hence this blog.

A bit of historical cynicism

When Coull first started discussing video as a performance format back in 2008 we were told that it was a flawed concept. Video was treated as a pure branding proposition, not a performance channel, ‘video doesn’t drive the last-click that performance relies on’, they said...

To an extent that attitude is still common (and as we’ll see, misguided) but things are changing, and fast. As I mentioned in my Q&A with Pippa, online video has exploded in popularity, fuelled partly by the adoption of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (see below).


See our white paper - Online video: Driving brand awarness and ROI

Another aspect of online video’s spectacular growth has been its popularity as a format for sharing. Social networks have built a sharing culture that’s perfect for spreading the engaging, funny or informative video content that’s out there. Over 700 Youtube videos are shared every minute on Twitter.

Video is a purchase trigger

People are watching entertainment videos, but they’re also watching brand and product videos. Whether that’s a product review or a piece of branded social video content, online video is inarguably a step in the consumer journey. And, because it’s more engaging than other forms of content, it’s often the purchase trigger. Perfect for last-click, right?

That’s why we built our technology around enabling a clickable, trackable call to action within video content, meaning merchants and publishers can create a new advertising inventory. These clickable call to actions can be added to both publisher- and advertiser-created video content.

Our call to action travels with the video when it’s shared, enabling advertisers and publishers to benefit from the extended reach (and credibility) shared video content delivers.

We were early to the game but now video should be used as a key format in everyone’s performance mix. If you’d like to catch up with me at a4uexpo on 2nd July drop me a line - irfon at coull dot com .