Video on Instagram vs Twitter’s Vine - Online Video is the Winner

If you’ve not yet heard about Instagram’s June 20 introduction of ‘Video on Instagram’’, you’ve likely been sucked into a social media black hole; it’s nice to have you back, here’s what you missed.

A year on from Facebook’s takeover of photo sharing service Instagram, the company has launched its answer to Twitter’s Vine technology. Instagram now offers users the opportunity to record up to 15 seconds of video and share it just as they do their Instagram photos.  

Even the artistic filters can be applied to video, making it look like you’ve thrown your own lighting rig into the mix.

Check out Instagram's video to get you inspired:

The media have turned this into a Battle Royale between Instagram and Vine, but it need not be a slugging match.

comparison and stats of instagram video vs vine video

(via tech crunch)

In the battle of Instagram vs Vine, creative content is the winner

As this comparison shows, Instagram and Vine still offer audiences enough disparity to co-exist as viable tools. Whether you’re a fan of the extra time Video on Instagram provides or the rolling video typical of Vine, there are still audiences for both.


Through the capabilities of social video, brands are now able to accumulate endorsements via likes, shares and re-tweets. It’s this power of public decree that presents new opportunities for brands to adopt creative methods of content delivery and build relationships with consumers via previously unconventional mediums.

The payoff for using creativity to engage viewers, is that you can reach a wider audience and by connecting your content to your site, contact form or purchase page, you can generate sales through a new revenue stream. If you choose to adopt a video marketing strategy, put some thought into how you’ll engage the viewer because churning out bland video is no different than putting a tiny black and white text ad in a newspaper.

Do your research, you’ll soon see the scope for improving on existing content and creating something original is endless, and there is plenty of inspiration to get you thinking.

Can publishers be creative in 6 - 15 seconds?

For publishers, both big and small, Vine and Video on Instagram represent opportunities to get creative too. Sure, you’re not going to be able to condense your usual video content into a 6/15 second spot, but that’s the point, new formats mean new content, a new approach, and that’s only going to be a good thing in the eyes of your community.

A 6-second Vine can be a social media stepping stone to longer content, while 15 seconds on Instagram is enough to create quality, snappy short-form content. With the amplification of social media your video can reach an unlimited audience.

Ask not what your technology can do for you, but what you can do for your technology

If you break it down, great content becomes shared content, and when used this way, services like Vine prove worthwhile, engaging, and remain competitive with emerging channels.

Video on Instagram is only in its infancy and with such a huge Instagram base already existing, it’s impossible to draw a conclusion on its performance. Regardless of whether you are creating editorial video for a digital publication, blog or brand video, it’s the way you use the seconds that really counts. The technology of Instagram and Vine is at your disposal and you will ultimately determine its longevity.