Video Inspires

Each of us is inspired by different things; inherently though it’s that feeling we get from whatever inspires us that ties us all together. Whether it’s random acts of kindness, helping someone in need, seeing people take a leap of faith, watching something truly creative unfold before your eyes or innovation in it’s most raw and influential form. We like to challenge the norm, push the boundaries, expect more from ourselves and the world we live in.

Sharing truly inspirational stories, and creating inspiring moments seems to me like one of the most ‘human’ things in the world. Humanity is something that has often been lacking in advertising, but now, video is allowing us to produce and share truly altruistic stories with each other, repositioning the standard expectations we have of our relationship with ads.

Video is the medium of the moment, a moment that promises to stretch on for some time. So, while publishers use video to enrich the experience for their audiences and improve the quality of content they’re able to provide, advertisers can also harness the power that video beholds - the power to really reach consumers and ensure they remember.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from advertisers, brands and charities, all appealing to that silent flutter inside us, the feeling that strips us right back, ignites our imagination, makes us vulnerable, open, pensive, determined - inspired.

Swedish ad against alcoholism - IQ Smoothness

This is a fantastic anti-alcoholism advertisement from Swedish organization IQ - what starts as an apparent advert for a Whiskey that offers a ‘smooth experience’, turns into a more realistic portrayal of the effects of overconsumption, and habitual drinking.

Japanese tissue paper company Nepia

This advertisement for a Japanese tissue paper company is the epitome of ‘thinking outside the box’ and just goes to show that simple ideas executed by brilliant creative teams can be incredibly powerful.

Moscow Winter Olympics - free train ticket promo

This promotion for the 2014 Winter Olympics is brilliant because it’s contextual in that it promotes and encourages people to get active, and rewards them for taking that step.

Degae Ministries - Homeless veteren timelapse

Not For Profit organization helps homeless veterans get their lives back on track (I actually teared up at the end of this one). I’m not going to try and explain this moving video - simplistic and emotive, just watch.

The Barossa - Be Consumed

This advertising campaign for Barossa Valley Tourism from South Australia uses iconic rustic imagery combined with music from Internationally renowned Australian artist Nick Cave to showcase the produce of the area. Being from country South Australia originally, I confess to being completely biased here, but the advertisement harnesses nostalgia by capturing the relationship each of us has with our land and the raw aesthetics that exist within the places we grew up.

Google - storytelling

This ad from Google uses storytelling in a very powerful way, depicting how Google can be used to discover just about anything, the result of which can lead to something as precious as a reunion of long lost friends. The great thing about this YouTube ad is that it enables captions for nine different languages.

Canon - 'Inspired'

Fun and imaginative, this advertisement for Canon invites audiences to use their own imagination to capture the beautiful things in life.

Goldie Box - Crushing girl stereotypes

I just love this advertisement from a toy company who are really challenging not only the mainstream toy industry, but the way we raise and nurture young girls. Give them the tools (literally) and the opportunity to be excited about their own individuality and intellect and suddenly our little princess turn into little entrepreneurs. I might be a ‘big girl’ now but this ad inspired me to write this blog, and to share it with you so I hope you like it.


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