The Mobile Series – Coull are interviewed by PubNative

To kick-start our series on mobile video advertising, we were interviewed by native mobile advertising SSP PubNative.

To kick-start our series on mobile video advertising, we were interviewed by native mobile advertising SSP PubNative. Michelle talks about the current mobile landscape, its opportunities, the issues it currently faces and discusses where the Coull platform fits in to the future of mobile video advertising. In our follow up, you’ll learn all about native mobile advertising from PubNative themselves.

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Following Native Insights #4 in which we spoke to digital marketers Cyberclick, this time we are tackling the video ad space with Michelle Bommer from Coull.

The British company are a video ad platform for advertisers and media companies. For more info on video, you can also read our guide on what you need to know about native video on mobile.

Can you introduce Coull and what you do?

We are a young, talented team building the next generation video advertising platform. We work with publishers to classify, filter and monetize their video inventory, by providing a direct route to the platforms used by advertisers who want that inventory for their ad campaigns.

We have some awesome, unique propositions such as our exclusive in-video overlay ad format which is really powerful, especially when combined with our pre-roll, giving advertisers the opportunity for deeper engagement, brand uplift and audience data.

The really exciting thing about Coull right now is that we are cleaning up the programmatic marketplace, to make it transparent which means a safer, more efficient, reliable and profitable digital ecosystem. We’re building a sustainable digital exchange from within our own technology stack.

We’re redefining what ‘quality’ inventory is because for our partners, quality means being able to buy video inventory that’s brand safe, viewable and human. We enable this and provide RTB feedback and have a dedicated team to optimize campaigns.

How much of a difference is there between desktop and mobile video advertising?

There is a big difference between the way audiences interact with video content depending on device. Metrics like CTR don’t work the same way on desktop and mobile, and audience behaviour across those interfaces is very different. For example, a view through rate would be more suitable for a mobile or in-app video ad campaign because the video takes up most of if not all of the screen, however on desktop the video may only take up a portion of the screen and the viewer may have multiple tabs open, competing for their attention.

The big difference we’re seeing right now is that mobile is today where desktop was 1 or 2 years ago. Programmatically it’s exploding, but in terms of measurement optimization, the industry is not there yet. There is a lot of work to be done, but the potential for massive growth is undeniable. In terms of mobile’s capacity in programmatic – 2016 is the year of mobile!

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