Publishers to Watch in 2014 Round Two - Video and News!

In part one of this blog post I talked about some of the digital publishers making waves online at the moment and why we should be watching them throughout 2014. The good news is there are simply too many innovative publishers grabbing digital by the horns to fit into one blog. Round two is all about online video and digital news delivery. Hold on to your hats folks, these publishers will take you off the beaten track.

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The Publisher - Vox Media

The Vox ‘catch cry’ is an apt description of the brand, it’s simple yet it conveys so much - ‘Talented Voices. Passionate Audiences’. Therein lies a publisher that believes in its staff and caters to an audience that is engaged in the subject matter, and cares about the content. Vox offer niche verticals in ‘The Verge’, ‘SB Nation’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Eater’, ‘Curbed’, ‘Racked’ and now - ‘’ - which when combined offer a breadth of content. 

Why we’re excited - the 7th vertical

Vox has taken on board a new team for a 7th vertical and it’s a team that shouldn’t be underestimated. Ezra Klein, previously from ‘The Washington Post’ has joined the Vox entourage to lead this news focused digital publication code named ‘Project X’ and officially named, and he’s brought some of his ex WP compatriots with him.

The new Vox venture is set to give audiences another option for the way they consume the news media. The idea behind is to create a new way of reporting that takes an explanatory approach. How exactly this will be delivered is still somewhat of a mystery. We expect articles and videos that will explain and help the audience understand what’s happening - but how? states ‘Our only promise is the at our goal in all cases will be to move people from curiosity to understanding’ - it’s pretty ambiguous to be honest, but they’ve got us interested.





‘we think of there's an opportunity for a more compelling way to present the news and explain the news.’ (CEO Jim Bankoff) 

Vox is a media company that aims to be seen as a leader in the publishing game, describing all of its brands as ‘authoritative’ and working hard to make them just that. It’s their continued innovation in this space that makes us so inclined to follow their progress throughout the year. We look forward seeing how the new vertical takes off and in particular how they will be using video within each of their brands to engage their ‘passionate audiences’.


The Publisher - Vice

Accessibility, education, engagement, the next generation

Founded in 1994 by Shane Smith as a small music mag operating out of Montreal, Canada, Vice now operates as a digital company with offices in over 30 countries worldwide.

Whilst Vox are a digital native, Vice Media started in print and made the move to digital early on. Since that venture the Vice brand has somewhat changed the way digital publishing tell stories and is synonymous with the idea of immersive journalism within online video news coverage.

Vice aim to compel and mobilise an ‘angry youth’ who now have the choice to turn away from more traditional ‘headline’ coverage and consume something fresh, hard hitting and real. And as for their own 'catch cry'? -  'See the world differently'.


Why we’re excited - heart over headlines

There is a definite difference between obscure subject matter, and obscuring the subject of the matter, and the reason we’ll be following Vice, is that they understand the need for transparency.  It’s about constantly moving forward, challenging perceptions and educating - unabashedly, anyone who wants to dig a little deeper. It is this very ethos that ensures a loyal following that perhaps only print publications have been known to garner.

Both Vox and Vice are the digital publishers to watch this year. What’s the point in reinventing the wheel when the vehicle driving this generation forward runs on new components? These two publishers are ahead of the game because they’re not replicating, they’re innovating.


Vice launched their new news broadcast channel Vice News Daily at the beginning of March and feedback so far seems positive but this is all subjective so, what do you think?


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