Pre-Christmas Content for The Busy Blogger

With the lead up until Christmas well and truly upon us our lives have suddenly become busier. Social outings are impossible to avoid and the bevvy of pre-Christmas gatherings mean more eating, more drinking, more merriment, and less time at home blogging.

So how do you ensure your content schedule doesn’t suffer from the effects of one too many mulled wines or mince pies? 

We thought we'd put together some ideas to help keep your blog on track over Christmas


The end of the year is a perfect time for creating lists - lists of your favorite moments from the year, lists of your predictions for the year to come. Short snappy and entertaining blogs that summarise your themes and content are just the sort of things your readers will look for, and they’re a great way to help you stay on track.

Why not collate some of the best bits from your site over the year - repurpose what you’ve created and make it valuable again. Thank your audience for their patronage by asking them what their favorite moments of the year were or what they enjoyed most about your blog and create a piece based on their feedback.

Get festive

Embrace the festive season by creating fun posts, whether it’s purely written content or you include video or pictures, make the most of the silly season and use it to express your creative side. Look at the way Netmums really use the holiday season to talk to their audience and give them practical tips, tutorials and articles surrounding Christmas gifts, recipes, educational Christmas reads and things to do on a family budget. 

Use video

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to spread the message via video. Engage your viewers while they’re on the hunt for gifts and give them short and snappy entertaining videos.

Future Tense has posted an article about a Rocket Scientist turned costume designer, and his techie take on the Christmas Jumper.

More Zoella has decided to create a video post for every day leading up to Christmas, this is a blogger who loves making content.  Check out her 'Vlogmas' series below.

Christmas around the world

Encourage your readers, to describe in one sentence how they’ll be spending Christmas in their corner of the world. Nostalgic notions are a great way to bring people together and sharing stories of how Christmas is celebrated all over the world also gives your viewers a sense of community - give them a chance to get to know one another.

Christmas Banquet

Even the biggest Christmas Grinch secretly salivates over traditional Christmas food. Get your readers contributing their favorite recipes or collate your own and write a blog about them. You could even create video tutorials on preparing turkey or making the ultimate Christmas pudding.

Write a list of gift ideas for the hardest person to buy for

There is always one, that person who is just impossible to buy for, so why not create the ultimate crowd pleaser - a list of presents to solve the problem. Provide links or videos of where your audience can purchase these items online and you’re onto a winner. A list of gifts on a budget is also a good idea, combat the secret Santa conundrum.

We hope these ideas might give you the inspiration to keep blogging throughout the silly season so get blogging and and Merry Christmas!


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