The Power of Danthology

Daniel Kim, 28 from Canada, uses his blog The Gift of OCPD, described as ‘‘understanding how obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is a gift that just needs a little grace", to channel his energies.

The gift of OCPD traveller looking at sunset

Something caught our attention last week- a mix-up of 68 music tracks presented in a 5 minute 40 second video which went viral. After 180 hours of work, Daniel uploaded Pop Danthology 2013.


This is the follow up to Pop Danthology 2012, which accumulated almost 44.5 million views. Both 2013 and 2012 mashups come complete with ‘ the making of’ drill downs (available on the blog)  which detail the extensive planning and work that went into creating the videos.

We noticed a lot of traffic coming through our network and decided to show you a few things. At the time of writing, the 2013 Pop Danthology video has almost 4 million views on YouTube. But in it’s infancy the bulk of the views came from Daniel’s blog page, with the second and third hour being the most active (that’s 4pm-5pm GMT time).

Here’s a few interesting observations.

Audience Retention

graph of audience retention views against play progress

Not a bad drop off rate - with more than half of the total viewers watching the video right until the end. Of course, this being a music video, it stands a higher chance as users can just play it in the background.



Top 5 locations

top percentages of video plays by country


Unsurprisingly, the US accounts for the majority of total plays. Helped by the fact  that the blogger is based in the US of course. The video has hit off globally, with strong stats across a range of countries. I can only imagine what the current Youtube stats look like! Below I’ve listed the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of views/plays.

top ten countries with the highest amount of views and plays


Social Sharing

percentages of video plays through social sharing

You guessed it, Facebook dominates the social sharing stats - I suspect this has a lot to do with the demographic as well as Facebook being a great place for playing videos. Twitter is surprisingly low, with more people actually embedding the video on their own site than simply tweeting about it.


Plays by device type

percentage of total plays by device type

Considering we’re only looking at the first wave of views, there’s a relatively high level of people watching the video from their mobile. The dominance of desktop usage could be put down to the fact that the viewing comes directly from the blog page itself - I myself find blogs much more enjoyable and easier to read from desktops rather than a smaller device. That’s my own opinion, but generally these stats will reflect Daniel’s audience/device stats for his blog overall.

There’s a few insights into what we call a viral video. What makes a video go viral? That’s a whole other blog post, but it’s pretty clear that really great content is the driving force.


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