My Favorite Blogs of 2013

Those who proclaim from on high that the blog is dead should prepare to be proven wrong - the blog is alive and well and in 2013 some incredible content was written. The bloggers we love deserve to be recognised for keeping the torch alight and ensuring it continues to burn bright in 2014.

Some of my favorite blogs of 2013 were found by accident, some while researching and some were recommended, but all are unique. I’ve chosen blogs that appeal to me for different reasons and that show a variation of styles and authors.

Below are just a selection of my picks, I encourage you to have a look at the wider blogosphere (had to get that in there one last time for the year) and find content that appeals to your own interest or sparks some intrigue and gets you to think about something in a different way, or perhaps for the very first time.

Congratulating bloggers on a successful 2013

Observation and self reflection

I have been following Tyler’s blog for a few years now, he writes poems, takes pictures and really just talks about life. It’s the kind of blog I can take inspiration from and it’s nice to see his posts come up in my feed because I know the time taken to read them is time well spent. Note, don’t read when you’re feeling emotional, unless you’re prepared to shed tears on your keyboard or screen.

Again, I’m drawn to a blog that reflects on life in general and made up of photography and words. Little narratives, small pieces of wisdom, pondering, wandering, observing and telling. This blog is beautiful - I guess that’s the simplest way to explain it.

It’s the candid writing that makes me love this blog. Extremely well written and recounted stories told without restraint. Check out the author’s letter to the first girl he ever ‘pretended’ to have a crush on to hide his homosexuality during adolescence.

If it’s writing for a cause or writing to make a difference that floats your blog boat then this is something worth checking out and WordPress themselves certainly agree, having made it one of the Editors’ picks of the year. Rod Deaton is a psychiatrist who serves those who are themselves serving others as part of the Armed Forces in the United States. He works to help men and women who have served or are still serving to transition back into ‘normal life’ and as such his blog is aptly named - Paving the Road Back.

Trends and truth

This is a blog about typography and graphic design and there is always something new and interesting to see. With digital content being created for different formats and with mobile and tablet devices becoming the most popular means to consume it, the work of the designer is ever important and here the exciting world of design is brought to life.

Russell Chapman uses his blog to post his photos, videos and journalism and has a section dedicated to his time spent in Syria. This blogs shows another face of Syria, the face of the people. He talks about the strength of Syrian women, trying to get on with their lives and raise their families amidst the horrific situation they find themselves in. It shows their strength and resilience and lets the world see Syria for it’s people, not purely the turmoil they endure.

This blog has been named the top food blog of 2013 by The Observer, in association with Cuisinart. 

The words that 'Skint Foodie' Blogger, Tony, uses to describe his own blog are:

‘Charmed life, cool job, platinum amex, business class, turbo-charged coupe, prada/agnes b/nicole farhi, nobu/racine/club gasgon, life-changing shit-storm, alcoholism, depression, breakdown, pills/vodka/stanley knife, closed curtains/bailiffs, home repossession, bankruptcy, homeless hostel, community mental health team, temporary council flat, housing association flat, voluntary work, hope, relapse, try again.’

Check out his fantastic blog for cooking on a budget and living within your means - comfortably.

Over to you bloggers, readers, sharers, let’s make 2014 the year of the blog. If you have any others to add to the list please leave your comments at the end - fly the flag and announce loud and proud - ‘the blogger ain’t dead yet’


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