Brazil Part 2 - The Industry Perspective

In Part 1 of my blog series on Brazil, I looked at how consumers use the internet and digital media - specifically video. In this post I am looking at the digital advertising industry in Brazil - the investment in advertising and the big players.

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Video Markets Across The World: Thailand

So far in the series we’ve looked at China, Brazil and India gaining an insight into emerging video markets that we in the West have little exposure to. Today I’m going to look at Thailand, one of many Southeast Asian markets experiencing rapid growth in their digital economy- providing new and exciting opportunities for advertisers to reach a young engaged audience.

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In part one of the online video market in India blog I'm going to take a look at audiences and how they access the internet and start to reveal why India could potentially be one of the more opportune online markets on the planet.

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Online Video in Latin America: Brazil Part 1

As part of our new content-series looking at video markets across the world we’d like to look into Latin America, a region that has caught the attention of advertisers and marketers lately because of it’s significant growth in digital media adoption over the past few years.

Latin America has the fastest growing internet population of the five global regions and is expected to grow by nearly 100 million users in the next three years. By today’s figures, that will be an increase of 63% to 394 million users (eMarketer). People in Latin America spend an average of 21.9 hours per month online. Across regions, this ranks them third only to North America (32.6) and Europe (21.9).

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China Part Two: Video Platforms and Their Revenue Models

In the previous edition of this blog series we looked at China’s online video audience. A consumer-base with a huge appetite for content that entertains on the move, often on mobile devices. It’s an engaged audience, and given the country’s size, it’s also an enormous one.

To satisfy the video-munchies of China’s audience, a number of online video platforms serve up a rich mix of user-generated content, domestic TV shows and imported international shows and movies. In part two of our exploration of China’s online video landscape we’ll get to know who the big players are and how they make their money, while acknowledging the challenges they face in keeping up with a rapidly changing media landscape.

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