If content is king then video is master of the universe

Nothing engages like video.

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Nothing engages like video

You’ll have witnessed its meteoric rise over the years. Video has become integral to the internet experience. In a world awash with content a message that is instant and visual is what people crave.

Whether it’s for entertainment, education or research it is clear that video has become our content of choice, particularly on mobile devices. Why is this? The reason is simple: video with its audio-visual stimuli is more engaging than any other content type. It’s a form of content that travels well, is easily consumable on a variety of devices regardless of situation. Video doesn’t ask much of the viewer but gives a lot back in a short amount of time.

Nothing sells like video

Consumer journeys increasingly take place online, as people research purchases extensively before buying. In the search for information on the journey to a purchase consumers increasingly turn to video. Video allows us to see the object of their research in action. Why read a review of a new phone or tablet when you can watch a video that shows you everything you need to know?

  • Shoppers who view video are 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who did not (Retail touchpoints)

  • Nearly 40% of consumers report that videos increase their likelihood of making a purchase on a mobile device (Ecommerce Times)

Prioritise video

If you’re a blogger or a publisher it makes sense to prioiritize the creation of video content on your site. It’s what people want, so give them more of it.  What kind of videos should you have on your site? Short answer is ‘it depends.’ The long answer is ‘the kind of videos on your site that your audience is looking for.’

Three search friendly video types:

  • How to’s and guide to’s – practical videos that answer real questions are popular. They’re the first port of call over written content among younger web users.

  • Product and other reviews – how does it work? What’s it really like? We want to know before we buy, and if we’ve got your trust, we want you to tell us.

  • Events, competitions – engage with the stuff that’s happening in your audience’s world and they’ll want to watch it.

The key is to keep listening

If you’re already a big part of your audience’s community you’ll already know the stuff your people like. Make more of the videos that get the most comments and spark the best conversations. If you’re just starting out you can keep an ear on the terms people are searching for already on YouTube, and by setting up tools like Google alerts or Feedly. But don’t listen so hard that you forget the power of imagination. The great thing about video is its flexibility and reach. Genuinely entertaining, new and surprising videos can find huge audiences, so make innovation part of your plan.

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