Have a Mary Berry Christmas

This month the Coull team have donned their aprons and whipped out their whisks for the Christmas Bake Off. After a heavenly few weeks of sugar and carb overdoses we have counted the scores and are able to present to you our winner!

Bake Off King

Mat’s Utterly Nutterly Caramel Sponge completely won us over and so he has been crowned the 2013 Bake Off King!

But just to prove that the rest of us can bake, here are our runner ups.

2nd Place

Not only did my Tiramisu land second place, it received top marks for ‘taste’ too. A combination of coffee, liqueur and chocolate was always going to win over the hearts of the Coull team.

3rd place

Lisa’s Chocolate Orange Cupcakes got the top mark for ‘looks’ - who doesn’t like a bit of Christmas sparkle?

4th place

A tried and tested family classic, Sam’s Berry Pavalova had our taste buds jumping for joy, despite the zany appearance. 

5th place

Kev's plum and almond tart - enough said. 

There were 12 other bakes; many delicious, and some questionable, but all get top marks for effort. (Unless you used ready-rolled pastry....) Bring on next year!

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