Getting Noticed Part 2 – Keeping Your Blog Afloat

Two weeks ago we brought you the first installation of our top tips for ‘getting noticed'  and establishing your blog,  so as promised; here are the final 3 tips.

With all the content available amid the ocean of information that is the internet, it’s all too easy for your blog to simply tread water for a while before wiping out! Here’s how to help ensure your blog stays afloat.

Encourage interaction

Just as your opinions are subjective, everyone is free to express their thoughts about your blog. This is good; you want to encourage people to comment. Start a conversation with your readers and follow up on their posts. People act on emotion so if you stir up some controversy don’t be afraid, but do be diligent about responding and making the interaction a positive experience.

Get in the mix – and get social

A great way to interact with your audience is to adopt another medium such as video, and incorporate it into your blogging repertoire. Video is a great way to capture attention and has become incredibly influential in getting otherwise passive viewers, to engage in an action. Don’t be afraid of ‘the dreaded code’.  Video is actually very easy to embed in your blog and a good way to optimise your content.

Video not only helps improve search by building links to your site and enhancing keyword density, but it offers some added color. For some people, text is the meat in your blog dish, the substance; to others who prefer to skim read, the video is where the real flavor is. The best thing for you as the blogger is that you have the opportunity to please all types of viewer. As long as you provide context within your blog, there is room for both elements.

Always inform your reader of what they are about to see and follow your video up with a call to action. Ask the viewer to comment, read on, share, like or follow your YouTube channel. Use social media to spread the word and attract more readers.

The more your content is shared and liked, the more your blog warrants credibility.

Getting to the crux of it – being seen

You’ve put in the hard work so you want your post to be seen at the very least, right? First, understand that clichés may have worked in newspapers 10 or 20 years ago but they aren’t convincing anyone today.

Your title should be different and interesting but it also needs to be punchy and SEO conscious. If you’re not familiar with SEO, don’t worry, you just need to remember how your audience thinks when you write. If you were asking a question, or searching for a topic, what would you type into a search engine and what results would be interesting enough to make you click? You are your reader, speak to them that way.

You now have a range of useful tools for getting your blog out there for the masses to consume, love or loathe. Remember it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but if you provide quality content and consider the reader, you’re sure to start seeing results. For those who do like your blog, encourage them to share and comment and do the same for the blogs you enjoy. While you're about it why not submit your blog to online directories and drive increased traffic?


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