Getting Noticed – How to Establish and Grow Your Blog Presence

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or new in the game, we’ve put together our top tips to help you achieve the success you deserve.

There is a vast network of blogs out there and many channels through which to access them. You need to be unique to be noticed and reach your audience. To be unique, you need to first define your blog.

You want to engage your audience so there should be no ambiguity as to what your blog is about. Remembering that, there is undoubtedly already a blog that talks about the same topic as you, and if not, there will be in the future. So, you need to stand out from the crowd and you need to build the loyalty of your readers.

Does your blog represent you?

You might be a bedroom blogger, or a boardroom blogger, either way, you are your brand, and you need to own that brand. If you don’t know what your online persona is, or what you offer readers, how can you expect them to? The age old ‘learn to love yourself first’ rule works here, but in this case, learning to know yourself will do just fine.

Be approachable

There was always that boy or girl at school who teased and pestered you because they really just wanted your attention. Juvenile tactics will not work in the blogging yard; patronizing and bullying your audience is a sure way to lose them.

Be original

Be different, be controversial but most of all, always be original. Be discursive with your audience, get to know them and talk to them as you would a friend or colleague and come up with ways to constantly surprise and enlighten them.

Ripping content from other sites or blogs is not wise. Not only is it copyright infringement but it’s also boring and it’s likely the person reading your content has already come across it. Be the expert and write with authority.

Engage, engage, and engage

Ever tuned out mid conversation and had to try and pick up what you’ve missed out on? Your readers don’t need to be polite if they can’t register what you are saying. Your conversation needs to capture their attention and then hold it. Treat your readers as your equals; don’t be flowery or use jargon they wouldn’t understand. If there is even one person likely to either misinterpret or get completely lost in a sentence, skip it.

Put it into practice

Hopefully you’ve gained some insight from this first installment of ‘getting noticed’. In the next couple of weeks we deliver the final attention grabbing tools, so you’ve got two weeks to really get to know your online persona, get original and practice writing engaging content.



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