Enriching advertising – no longer a mythical concept

Advertising should do more than create revenue; it should add value for your audience.

An integral part of publishing involves relationships with advertisers; they provide your revenue stream after all.  But what products and brands are featured within your  content needs to have a strategy, it’s not a game of roulette, though when thumbing through pages in the newspaper or reading my favourite blog online, it seems like publishers are sometimes flying blind, forced to grab whatever advertisers are investing, rather than securing the most relevant for their audience.
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The good news is, the game is changing, and while some publishers are finding the transition to digital a taxing one, others have begun to realise that not only can they still advertise within their publication, but they can take advantage of niche targeting that allows brands a reputable and contextual way to talk to consumers. Advertising based on niche content that delivers your audience an opportunity to further experience the subject and reach the natural next step in the purchasing journey is not only lucrative, it’s useful and it’s sustainable.

Embrace change

We spend a lot of time online – collectively and individually, our habits are shifting, even the way we shop has changed. We have become accustomed to a saturation of brands all shouting at us online and instead of straining our ears to hear, we’ve simply stopped listening altogether. Adopting advertising methods that have been developed within the digital space for digital consumers is essential.

Complying with tired, outdated and damn right annoying advertising is not going to help you build a loyal following, online and it won’t provide the fuel to keep the content machine turning over. There are more options available to publishers now that facilitate integrated advertising such as ‘native advertising’, and there are tools available to target your audiences specifically by the content they choose and the location they consume it.

Quality and Innovation

Delivering consistently quality content to your audience is the best way to ensure they share their positive experience. Giving them added value by offering further information and a direct connection to brands and services aligned with that content is an exciting alternative to boisterous and poorly integrated advertising that shouts, ‘come up with something better’. It’s an exciting alternative, because we in the industry have come up with something better.

Rather than fading into obscurity because finding an online solution seems tedious and time consuming, dive in and embrace the opportunity to provide your audience with an alternative, refreshing way to interact with brands through your great content. There’s a lot of innovation out there within publishing and within advertising, marry those innovative ideas and the possibility for truly enriching content becomes very real indeed.

Posted by simonholliday