DMEXCO is Europe’s largest digital exposition and conference, so naturally it made sense for us to fly out to Cologne and join the 800 exhibitors who were flying in from 100 different countries for this year’s event.

Firstly, we were extremely impressed by the quality of this world renowned digital conference. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting numerous events throughout our digital careers, but its safe to say that DMEXCO far exceeds any other, not only in size but in quality of exhibitors and access to individuals with senior level roles within large and small business. Something else that impressed us was how easy it was to interact with publishers, something which has proved difficult at previous conferences.

Hot topics of discussion included programmatic and video, two areas Coull is very much immersed in making the conference incredibly relevant for us. The atmosphere was vibrant throughout and we often found ourselves walking through halls bustling with people as we went from one meeting to another. We found one of the great features of this conference is that it enabled valuable face to face business to be done, bringing relationships otherwise confined to online, to life - something that is still very important despite our automated digital world. It was nice to have the opportunity to interact with clients over a beer and break the monotony of speaking through email or on the phone. Furthermore, we really enjoyed the selection of night events which gave us the opportunity to interact with existing clients and develop new relationships all in a fun, social environment.

Overall DMEXCO was well organised and provided great opportunity for Coull. It was a pleasure to attend this year's event and we are looking forward to attending in 2015.



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