Can Advertising Add Value For Your Audience?

We all know the statistics. With 98.8% of people ignoring them, you’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad. (Solve Media) Numbers skipping pre-roll advertising is rising rapidly, so it seems pretty clear that your audience isn’t keen on in your face display advertising.

Aside from pretentious and patronizing adverts there are other things that switch people off. Ads that get in the way of the content your audience is looking at can be mildly irritating, although they are often a price your audience is resigned to pay to watch your great stuff. At worst the ads are a total turn-off – if you frustrate the process and delay the experience too long your audience will just click elsewhere.

In today’s cynical, fed-up-of-being-sold-to world can advertising ever be welcomed? What could you do that will keep your audience happy AND bring in the revenue you need?

Five ways ads add value for your audience


Great ads are genuinely entertaining – they get liked and shared, they can make people laugh and think. Just the kind of positive experiences you want people to have on your site.


You know your audience and what they’re interested in. If you are confident that an affiliate link is likely to be of interest to your audience, then it can be useful. Really relevant ads will certainly be more kindly tolerated than ads that make the audience feel you don’t know them at all – or that you don’t care.


Videos on your site like guides and product reviews are hugely popular and encourage people to spend. Tools that help them to buy if they want to (and leave them alone if they don’t) are very valuable.  Offering your audience the natural next step will be welcomed. It’s also a great way to monetize your site and sidestep the frustrations of intrusive ad content.

High quality

Dodgy pop-ups, clichéd banners, tired video ads – If they’re on your site they reflect badly on you. Keep the quality threshold high across the your whole of your site.


Knowing who to trust online is a big deal. If your audience can feel safe that ads on your site are reputable, they’ll like you for it. Your audience’s trust in you is your biggest asset (and it’s the reason advertiser’s want space on your site.) Do your homework and only link up with brands and advertisers who share your values.