Byte Night - The Final Countdown

Tonight’s the night. Six months of fundraising has culminated in Byte Night, where around 150 people in Bristol, and 1,500 nationally, will sleep out on the street in support of Action for Children. This is Bristol’s first year as a fundraising location, and local businesses in and around the city have put huge effort into doing interesting, funny and original things to raise money.

For our part we’re well on track to hit our £2500 target. The team at Bristol HQ have tried a number of different fundraising ideas out, from the adventurous to the appetising, from the disgusting to the delicious, we’ve discovered a lot about our colleagues. Namely that we can eat. A lot. Of anything.

So, what have we been up to?

Three Peaks Challenge

On September 12th seven of us drove up to Fort William in Scotland to set up camp before taking on the Three Peaks Challenge, starting at the foot of Ben Nevis at 6am on the 13th and finishing at the foot of Snowdon at 5:42am on Sunday 14th. In between those two monstrous peaks our designated drivers covered 420 miles, and our five intrepid mountaineers stopped off in the Lake District to nip up Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain.

IMG_0102.jpgScafell Pike at dusk

The Summer Bake-off

One thing is beyond doubt - the Coull team can bake. At the Christmas Bake-off the favorites dominated the competition, with certain parties suffering months of ridicule for poorly-conceived bakes. The Summer Bake-off offered the chance of yeasty redemption, and the vengeful underdogs grabbed that opportunity with two well-floured hands.

CTO Aden Forshaw, whose chocolatey Christmas bake was widely derided for resembling the result of a child’s first exploration into combining random pieces of confectionery with a hot flame, completed a remarkable turnaround by winning outright with his savoury smorgasbord of pork pies, stuffed with quail’s eggs and served with chutney. Delicious. Suspiciously so...


The Aden Forshaw Charity Fortnight

It would be remiss of me not to mention Aden’s other contribution to fundraising. Aden ditched his usual wardrobe of finely-tailored clothes for two weeks of wearing only clothes bought from a charity shop or donated by colleagues.

Aden explored a number of different looks over the 14 days, from country squire to Blackout Crew groupee, providing lots of amusement for colleagues, friends and family and raising a huge chunk of cash for charity.

The rest

Those have been our main activities over the summer, but peppered among them have been a variety of Coull challenges. Mostly these have revolved around eating or drinking something that would normally be considered revolting or gluttonous. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone put away two enormous burritos in under five minutes, with time to spare, and then gleefully tuck into a Mars bar because he’s still ‘not quite full’. To those members of the Coull team who did these things: You know who you are, and you are disgusting.

Thanks to everyone

So, back to tonight. We’re sleeping out for Byte Night, for Action for Children, and to support the phenomenal work that is being done by both to tackle the root causes of youth homelessness. We’ve had donations and sponsorship from colleagues, business partners, friends and family and that combined effort has got us to our target, which means we can really put some funds in the hands of the local services in the Bristol area that are working so tirelessly to help people. Thanks for all your support.