Building A Billion Dollar Tech Business Without Managers

Next week we’ll be telling you how we’re doing just that. We’re opening our doors to talk about how we’re building Bristol’s first billion dollar adtech business with the assistance of our secret weapon - the Coull culture.

This is part of a nationwide event called OpenCo - a mix between a conference and an artist’s open studio where businesses get the opportunity to tell the world what they’re doing and curious people get the chance to explore the most innovative businesses in the UK. OpenCo started in San Francisco in 2012 and this year it’s coming to the UK - including Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.

We're really excited to have been invited to take part in OpenCo because it’s a unique event that really connects the tech business community and celebrates the accomplishments of smaller businesses which we hope will be inspiring to others. It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble and focus on what’s going on in your own world but learning about the businesses around you is invaluable - we’re often tackling the same challenges and have similar goals. Hosting at Coull’s HQ here in Bristol should be good fun - we’ve got a lively office full of motivated individuals who really care about the company. So we want people to get involved and learn about the most important element of our business - the people.

Our CEO and founder, Irfon Watkins says that OpenCo is a “fantastic concept, light-years removed from the dull, anodyne conferences that make up the majority of the event calendar. Open collaboration and transparent communication are part of Coull’s culture, so we’re proud to open our doors and represent Bristol’s booming innovation scene.”

Along with Irfon, CTO Aden Forshaw will be heading up the Coull session on 2nd October at the Bristol office. There will be input from other members of staff to provide a rounded insight into what goes on at Coull and we will be welcoming as many questions as we can fit in.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere, an insight into how Coull works, how we work so well as a team, plenty of pastries and damn good coffee. We don’t want to give away too much though because we want to see you there. The session starts at 10am on Thursday 2nd October at the Colston Office Centre in Bristol.

Register to attend here