Blogger Progression: Adding Value - Not Selling Out

Some people blog for love of their subject or for the thrill of getting likes’, shares and followers.  It’s the inverse form of voyeurism and for some it’s more like exhibitionism.  There is a certain buzz the blogger derives simply from the validation of others.

But why should that be the only buzz? Part of the process of the ‘blogalution’ is to challenge mainstream digital advertising to develop new ways for bloggers to make money from their content, without alienating the audiences they’ve grown. This is where video comes into play.

While making a career from blogging is not a viable option for many, there are now progressive and innovative ways to not only offer audiences more, but generate deeper engagement and earn money by becoming associated with relevant brands.  Adopting online video to engage audiences is an easy and useful avenue to follow. Readers are exposed to new, value added content and bloggers get some extra pocket money along the way. A handy little reward for all the hard work!

What about the A word?

It is undeniable that advertising has become a part of the blog landscape. Having said this, the way we absorb brand messages within blogs is changing, and for the better. With banner blindness well and truly upon us, new technologies are emerging that give us the option to interact with advertisements if we feel they are relevant to us. People are becoming more conscious of how their time online is being disrupted, and frustrating ploys to trick them into clicking on something are becoming unacceptable.

This can only be a positive step forward for the blogger audience and for the continued evolution of how we all interact with online content.

It’s all about relevance

Infamous banner advertising can become a thing of the past if you choose to explore the other more valuable monetization opportunities that now exist. There are options available that allow audiences to experience advertising in a useful capacity. For the blogger, this means maintaining the parts of your blog that keep your audience coming back, while offering something new, in a different space and delivering value in a completely different way.

Associating content your viewers want, with useful advertisements that only speak to them about products, services or brands relevant to the content they’re consuming, means your blog stays credible and allows you the potential to actually earn some money.

Video has emerged to become the catalyst for one of the highest forms of audience engagement on the internet with users seeking the latest videos to enhance their experience and discover, learn and connect online.

You don’t have to blog for a living to make money from your content and you don’t have to sacrifice your content and sell out to be rewarded for your time either. Getting savvy with advertising and audience interaction is all part of the on-going evolution of online commerce and it is our mission to aid in and be part of that evolution.


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