All I Want for Christmas is a Tablet Device

In a couple of days once you’ve unwrapped all the presents from under the tree, filled your belly with Turkey, drank all the Christmas sherry and sung all the carols you’ll go back to life as you knew it. Or, if you’re lucky enough to receive a tablet device for Christmas, you might just be returning to a different kind of life, at least different to the extent in which you consume media and navigate the web.

Tablet devices have become the new way to read content, interact via social media, shop online, chat to friends and family across the globe and watch video.  In 2014 this trend toward the tablet is only set to grow and publishers are taking notice. There are some great apps that have been developed for tablet to allow you to access hundreds of newspapers, magazines and blogs from all over the world and view them on your device.

So, for the beginner Android tablet or iPad user here is a list of apps to get you started so you can spend some of your holiday perusing the latest and greatest of online publisher content.

tablet and mobile device displaying publishers content

For the IPad user…


For Magazine and Newspaper readers, Newsstand offers the majority of your favorite publications in one spot, available for purchase or download direct to your device.


For blog lovers, especially fans of long form content, Pocket allows you to find and store the bits you are interested in, to read/watch later. Whenever you come across video, blogs, articles and other links you like, you just put them in the ‘pocket’ and it will automatically sync to your device so you can access it anytime, even when you’re without an internet connection.


Create your own magazine from collaborations of the content you want using the Flipboard app. Read, collect and curate your favorite articles and publications with Flipboard for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and NOOK. Check out the Flipboard year in review for the best publications of 2013.

Pulse by LinkedIn

This app by LinkedIn has been designed for apple users of both iPhone and iPad and is now available for Android too. Pulse allows you to sign in with your LinkedIn account and is designed to give you a quick view of articles tailored to your professional interests. You can read about topics of interest to you and share content with your networks.

For the Android user...


Allows you access to your favorite magazines, browse by title or category and build your own library. You can explore articles for free, subscribe to magazines or purchase by edition.


With over 1000 magazine and newspaper titles to choose from and plenty of books to purchase, NOOK allows you to sample any title of your choosing free for 14 days.

Press Reader

Newspapers at your fingertips with none of that messy black ink to stain your skin during the commute. Get access to everything hot off the press via Press Reader - pay per publication or purchase a monthly subscription.

Amazon Kindle

Thought Kindle subscriptions were for Kindle only? - Think again, the free app that gives you access to books, magazines and newspapers on Kindle, also sync’s with other android devices and because it’s Kindle, it’s free for the first 30 days. Purchase books, magazines, papers and blogs and look out for special offers.

These apps should give you a good grounding in what publications are available and get you excited about the vast array on offer. Tell us what you think of the apps and let us know what great content you find on your tablets and what the experience is like consuming them.


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