4G Gets Your Content Moving

So, the 4G mobile network is here. In the US there are over 10 million people using the service every day. It’s been a part of the mobile mix in Sweden for the last three years and it’s just taking root in the UK. But what does this mean for the way that people view, read, share or engage with your content? And, where are the commercial opportunities?


First things first, what is it? 4G is the new standard in mobile internet. Four times faster than 3G, 4G gives people lightning fast access to your content wherever they are.  Remember sitting at your desktop while your 56k modem crackled away next to you, then finally getting broadband and the difference that made to what you could do online? That’s the step up we’re going to see from 3G to 4G, except your users aren’t at their desk, they’re on the bus, the train or maybe even their favorite slope-side lunch spot in the Alps. 4G is a game-changer.

4G sets your content free

Being connected is part and parcel of how we live these days. Connected to our friends, families and the content we want to access. I was on a bus in London last Friday and as I sat down I had a look around, nearly everyone near me was on their phone. As a content provider you want to make sure these people can access your content and that they enjoy doing so. Frustrating delays, like data buffering, have made static content the risk-free (and dull) choice for those not wanting to lose their mobile audience. 4G removes this barrier and allows you to give your users the dynamic, rich media experience they expect. And there’s no richer, more dynamic content than video.

4G requires a CTA with one hand behind your back

The very best content is a step in a journey. It invites people in, tells them a story and leaves them wanting to find out more. If you’ve added video content for the 4G-enabled user, you now have a new challenge. What call-to-action can you include that someone can follow with just their thumb and one hand tied behind their back? Because, that’s the reality… on the bus, bag over your shoulder, headphones in, smartphone in hand. If you can’t deliver the one-handed CTA, the engagement is almost meaningless – it’s highly likely it will be forgotten before they reach the office

Connect the two, enhance the experience

If you can combine a one-tap call-to-action with your 4G content you’ve got a powerful, commercial way of engaging with the people on that bus. Picture this, an avid gamer is on the #38 back from work and overhears someone talking about the new game they’ve just got hold of. Interested, they go to your entertainment blog and watch the trailer. In the top right corner there’s a button to buy the game. Tap. Buy. Enjoy.



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