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The wild west doesn't keep to any rules, neither do the online fraudsters. 

At Coull, we have a strong ethos on fraud and we are here to help you fight the fraud cowboys on the wild web. 

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Women in tech - it's about balance

This is the last post in our women in tech series, but it’s just the beginning of the conversation.

In this post I speak to Coull’s compliance manager Nicola Woodford, and demand side account manager Laura Matthews.

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Women in tech are pretty awesome

Last week we looked at some statistics that told a dire tale of women in tech roles. We also spoke to Coull developer Liv Franzen and found out what's it's really like on the other side.

This week we chat to Coull's head of adops in the USA - Michelle Bommer, and we hear two female directors at the IAB UK.

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The importance of targeting

Scott Mackay has been working in adops for longer than he's like to admit. He's noticing an alarming amount of ad requests that aren't targeted correctly, or at all. There are some really simply ways to opimize campaigns with targeting applied to help uncrease yield. Scott explains.

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Women in tech are a problem

It’s a pure and lucky coincidence that we have created a series celebrating and encouraging women in tech, just as women’s marches around the globe take centre stage. We hope this dialogue will influence change and from an industry perspective, we want to highlight the fantastic women we’re privileged to work with at Coull, and those that inspire us around the world.

I spoke with Coull developer Liv Franzén to find out how she got into the industry and how she sees the future for women in tech companies.

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