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Coull OverStream is our non-interruptive video ad format that sits within your video stream, keeping your viewers engaged and your editorial team happy.

OverStream is an additional new revenue stream that doesn't cannibalise other ad formats

Monetize your existing video content catalogue and LiveStream content. With OverStream, there's no disruption to the viewing experience and because it's easily dismissable it's perfect for emerging new video formats.


Unique - Viewable Ad Formats

Engaging, device agnostic, in-stream and out-stream video advertising formats. Coull OverStream is the perfect companion ad for pre-roll campaigns, enabling engagement, added viewability and increased value of video inventory.

Coull OverStream - unique, non-interruptive, simple implementaiton

  • Standard and dynamic IAB sizes
  • Highly viewable
  • VPAID or Javascript/iframe delivery ad tags
  • Bottom or top centre positioning with close button - or choose the position to suit your content for total control
  • Close button always in view
  • Works on mobile 
  • High fill rates
  • Very easy to integrate with the player

Value Added Pre/Mid/Post-Roll

  • Industry standard pre-roll length
  • VPAID tag integration
  • Double Up with OverStream for an additional, incremental and scalable revenue stream
Ad formats

Cross Platform Targeting

Desktop - Web
Mobile - Web

Actionable Insights and Reporting

The Coull Platform Dashboard allows you to view your revenue in real time. 

Coull's dedicated account managers and compliance team are always there, optimizing your campaigns and giving you actionable reporting.

Our invalid traffic score keeps our platfrom fraud free whilst Coull's proprietary technology enables increased revenue by matching you to the very best demand for your inventory.

Scale and Speed

''The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information''

Tim Berners Lee 


We believe in diversity, in connectivity and in creativity. A free World Wide Web powered by great people and great tech. That's why Coull delivers to 180+ markets and strives to provide relevant and engaging advertising in each of them. Because everyone deserves to enjoy watching free content online. 

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