Maximize Your Video Advertising Revenue

Coull's Video Ad Exchange unlocks video data, enriching ad requests and optimizing yield from every impression

Increase the Value of Your Video Inventory and Improve Your Fill Rates and CPMS with Coull's Video Ad Exchange

Our proprietary technology analyzes video inventory, extracts actionable data points, provides real-time feedback and builds trust - increasing the value of your video inventory in the programmatic market


Validate Your Inventory Pre-Bid

Have confidence in your video inventory and generate trust and advocacy with global demand partners. Coull’s video advertising platform validates inventory pre-bid against viewability | brand safety | fraud


Unique - Viewable Ad Formats

Engaging, device agnostic, in-stream and out-stream video advertising formats. Our non-linear in video overlay is the perfect companion ad for pre-roll campaigns, enabling engagement, added viewability and increased value of video inventory.

In-Video Overlay - the only overlay video ad format of its kind

  • Standard IAB formats: 320x50, 468x60, 728x90
  • VPAID or Javascript/iframe delivery ad tags
  • Bottom centre positioning with close button
  • 30-second duration (close button always on).

Value Added Pre/Mid/Post-Roll

  • Industry standard pre-roll length
  • VPAID tag integration
Ad formats

Cross Platform Targeting

Desktop - Web
Mobile - Web

Real-Time Insights and Reporting

Coull Video Ad Exchange gives you access to real-time insights that help you control inventory CPMs.

Our reporting system allows you to make real time adjustments to how you package and sell your inventory - increasing yield and giving you more control.

Scale and Speed

Our network processes billions of ad requests a month from 180+ markets including the fastest growing programmatic geographies.

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