Inform your video strategy

Our technology is purpose built to dynamically validate billions of video advertising requests against strict quality criteria centered around brand safety, viewability and ad fraud. Coull’s pre-bid approach to inventory validation prevents unsuitable inventory entering the marketplace and gives advertisers access to a real, engaged audience at global scale.

Validated inventory is just the beginning, our technology also enriches ad requests to give buyers the most information possible about every video advertising opportunity. Our platform automatically classifies video inventory by IAB Tier One and Tier Two content categories, determines true player size and declares whether inventory is auto- or click-to-play.



Two ad formats delivering attention and engagement

Coull's platform enables advertisers to reach engaged consumers through two video advertising formats:

Pre-roll and in-video overlay advertising formats

Non-linear: In-video overlays

Our platform enables advertisers to deliver their display creative in standard IAB formats within the stream of premium video content. This high-impact ad format delivers a 1% click-through rate, 10x the performance of standard display.

Linear: Pre-/mid-/post-roll video advertising

Our platform gives advertisers access to quality pre-, mid- and post-roll inventory informed by content-level data.

Target campaigns by content category and leverage our first-party audience dataset to realize exceptional performance from contextual video advertising.