Interest-level data

Our first-party interest-level dataset, is built on organic consumer interaction with premium video content and video advertising. To give marketers the most credible and authentic interest-level data available we segment our inventory by both geographical location and IAB categorization. We’re proud to be the industry’s only source of interest-level data from video engagement.


We analyze video content and viewer engagement across our global network of 5bn+video views by 120m+ unique users per month. This content analysis and huge scale creates a deep pool of unique video viewers across multiple markets.

Powerful datasets

Interest-level datasets

Target categorized, authentic audiences who watch video content as part of their consumer journey, delivering an increase in key performance metrics.

Engagement datasets

Use Coull's interest-level data to build audience segments against anonymous users who have watched a certain number of videos in a given timeframe, have watched 100% of a pre-roll advertisement or have clicked-through from a pre-roll. These dataset are perfect for planning a campaign featuring frequency targets, where completion rates are a performance metric or where direct-response is a key driver.



Privacy and data

We want to make advertising better for users, for media companies and for advertisers, that’s why we offer complete transparency about our collection, storage and use of data.