Highly engaging video advertising in a fraud free environment


Why Coull OverStream?

OverStream is Coull's super viewable and non-disruptive ad format that sits within a video stream. It's perfect for engaging your audience, even whilst they're watching emerging video formats such as LiveStream.

  • Access quality, premium inventory
  • Plug into Coull's clean, fraud free marketplace
  • Enjoy excellent viewability and click through rates unlike any other display ad unit on the market
  • OverStream is inherently viewable and engaging
  • Reach engaged viewers on any device, anywhere
  • 10 x the CTR of standard display ads

Experience unrivalled brand uplift with Double Up

Connect directly and double the opportunity with Coull OverStream and Coull Pre-roll combined campaigns.

OverStream on ipad

Brand Safe - Fraud Free

We're fighting hard to make video advertising fraud free and we're backed by the best fraud prevention partners on the market. 

We believe in the power of people, which is why in addition to working with the best cyber security and fraud vendors in the industry - we double verify all our inventory with our in house compliance team. 

Coull don't sample inventory, everything that comes through the Coull Platform is stringently filtered for all invalid traffic. 

We check every site is real, brand safe, viewable and enrich every ad request with valuable transparency.



Quality Inventory

Advertisers face a serious problem - a lack of transparency.

We tell you exactly what it is you're buying - no dirty secrets and we work with the very best in video inventory supply.

When you work with Coull, you work with the people who care about creating a fraud free and brand safe environment with unrivalled viewer experience.

We care. Our publishers care. Your audience cares.

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Bid Notification

Receive immediate win/loss notification through Coull's Video Ad Exchange

We go one step further, alerting you when you've won or lost a bid as well as giving you anonymous clear price feedback to improve yield optimization across campaigns.


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Global Scale and Lightning Fast Speed

Coull's Video Ad Exchange offers global reach in the fastest growing geographies across 180+ programmatic markets

Our independant, proprietary technology provides access to quality video inventory, data insights, speed and control. Our hard stance against invalid traffic gives us the credibility to reach premium markets.

Ad requests made to the Coull Platform are pushed through multiple proprietary technology touch points, each built to ensure only valid, viewable and brand safe traffic is delivered. And we're constantly layering on more data to make your ads more relevant and targeted, improving performance and viewer engagement.


Coull’s comprehensive ad fraud and pre-bid viewability solutions give you unprecedented insight into:

  • Publisher
  • Domain
  • Page url
  • Media player size
  • IAB content category
  • Geography
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Unique Video Ad Formats

Coull's Video Ad Exchange is device and screen agnostic giving you access to a wide range of quality inventory and full access to your audience.

Desktop - Web
Mobile - Web

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