Programmatic Video Ad Tech Platform Coull Launches Third Generation Exchange and raises 6.3m in Growth Funding

Coull’s independent, proprietary technology platform moves into the programmatic video exchange market and attracts new investment.

21.01.2016 - Bristol, UK: Coull, the independent, proprietary ad tech platform with billions of ad requests globally, have secured additional investment of 6.3 million to drive a new breed of ad exchange that aims to rebuild trust in the programmatic video advertising landscape.

Fraud, viewability and brand safety all topped the list of reasons not to trust programmatic in 2015 and whilst walled gardens like Facebook and Apple continue to shut out ad tech innovators, Coull’s Exchange, built on proprietary tech, addresses each of these issues.

The Coull Video Ad Exchange encourages a more open and accountable marketplace to allow publishers to maintain control of their brands, and advertisers to benefit from yield optimization management and the ability to extract important data from their campaigns.

Coull’s Video Ad Exchange delivers pre and post bid viewability tech so not only are ads brand safe and human, but viewable to a measurable standard.

Coull’s platform is purpose built to give advertisers and DSPs timely, accurate and actionable bid feedback, enabling them to optimize spend and buy media more efficiently for their clients. Coull Founder and CEO Irfon Watkins commented:

‘We’re all about doing one thing right.  We’re innovators in the video ad space, having already developed unique pre-bid viewability tech, unique non-linear ad formats and now, our third generation video ad exchange that provides transparent trading and enriches every ad request with data driven tech. We’re injecting value into the market and providing a service that does exactly what it says on the tin.

January’s funding round shows renewed confidence by current investors and has attracted new shareholders as Coull launch into 2016 with momentum.

Investor Paul Fraser steps into the role of company Chairman stating: ‘Ad tech companies are scrambling to cash in on programmatic video advertising, but none are offering a better solution to the flawed walled garden approach than Coull. To support a profitable marketplace and a mutually beneficial one, exchanges need to provide quality inventory, better monetization standards and user first ad formats fit for purpose. Coull have built an exchange that will rebuild trust in the very industry we all hope to profit from, so I’m confident this funding will go a long way.’

Finding a balance between quality inventory and efficiency at scale, with the industry’s biggest bug bears addressed is a real challenge but also an opportunity. Coull are up for it, and encourage the rest of the industry to join them.

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Additional background on the Coull Video Ad Exchange:

The Coull Platform processes over 20bn video ad requests per month in 128 markets.

Coull’s Exchange is designed to:

  • Build trust with all partners.
  • Eliminate fraud.
  • Measure viewability which follows industry standards.
  • Offer quality inventory, reliable data, efficiencies, scalability and profitable added value.