New Coull In-App SDK Gives Every App Publisher in the World Access to Video Advertising

iOS and Android App Publishers Can Now Integrate Highly Engaging Video Advertising Technology Within Their Apps

14.04.2015 – Bristol, UK: Coull, a pioneer in the delivery of data-driven, contextually relevant video advertising, has today launched a new in-app software development kit (SDK) that gives any mobile app publisher in the world the opportunity to integrate video advertising within their app, even if they do not already have existing video content.

Even with reports showing that 86% of all time spent across iOS and Android devices is in applications, mobile app publishers have yet to realize the full revenue potential of in-app advertising. They are set to miss out on explosive growth, with a Juniper Research study forecasting that in-app mobile ad spend will reach $16.9 billion by 2018, up from $3.5 billion in 2013.

Coull’s new In-App SDK is an important business driver for mobile, as it enables mobile app publishers - for the first time - to access a one-stop-shop for video advertising that offers the flexibility of using pre-roll, overlay, or interstitial formats, adding even more revenue-driving potential to any mobile business. The SDK is compatible with iOS and Android apps.

“By using this SDK to combine overlay and pre-roll, app publishers have the chance to unlock a 32% revenue increase from their video inventory, when compared to utilizing pre-roll advertising alone,” said Irfon Watkins, founder and CEO, Coull.

The in-video overlay ad-unit is unique to Coull, and delivers IAB-standard display creative within the stream of in-app video. It can be dismissed with an easy swipe, mirroring an established user experience within all apps, or closed with the touch of a button.

In addition, the SDK can deliver pre-roll - a renowned brand awareness tool - and the interstitial format enables publishers to insert video advertising at the most natural break points when navigating within apps. All three ad formats access demand from Coull’s private marketplace deals and mobile ad exchange partners.

Allen Klosowski, Vice President, Mobile and Connected Devices Global Supply at SpotXchange, the trusted platform for video advertising and one of Coull’s mobile ad exchange partners adds, "We're seeing advertisers continue to embrace mobile video as a high-impact branding tool. Through SpotXchange's video platform and Coull's new SDK, brands can use these new video advertising opportunities in mobile applications to reach consumers when they are at their most engaged."


Please click here to learn more about Coull’s In-App SDK for publishers.

About Coull

Coull is a data-driven video advertising company that uses technology to reveal the true value of inventory across the multiscreen online video landscape.

Coull’s technology platform analyses video content and viewer engagement at a deep level, unlocking data that enables advertisers to maximize return on programmatic advertising spend and media partners to realize the full value of their video inventory.

With its unique approach to video monetization across 180+ markets, full programmatic integration and leading demand-side partners, Coull is the next evolution of video advertising.