Coull launches VAST-O-Matic transcoder product on Smaato

VAST-O-Matic transcoder allows display ads to be automatically converted to in-video ads.

Coull, the video monetization platform for digital publishers, has launched VAST-O-Matic, a transcoder technology that converts traditional display ads to VAST-compliant in-video overlays. 

UK brands spent over £738 million on online display adverts in the first half of 2013, according to the IAB. VAST-O-Matic enables advertisers to use their existing display creative to reach consumers through Coull’s contextual ‘Vidlink’ ad unit, and reap the increased brand uplift and engagement benefits their in-video format delivers. The unique technology converts display ads from XML, XTML and MRAID formats.

The first roll out of VAST-O-Matic will be with leading mobile ad-exchange Smaato. Ads on its platform are converted on the fly and seamlessly integrated within Coull Vidlinkr’s premium publisher video inventory.

Vidlinks are branded in-video overlays integrated within a publisher’s video content. They connect viewers with products or offers that are relevant to the content they are viewing.

Through VAST-O-Matic and Coull Vidlinkr, publishers will gain immediate access to a huge source of display ad demand and a lucrative new revenue stream.

“This has never been done before,” said Irfon Watkins, Coull founder and CEO. “It means publishers can for the first time access display advertising demand for their video inventory and lets advertisers use their existing creative in a highly contextual and engaging video environment.”

Video viewing rates continue to soar among consumers, especially on mobile and the medium represents a much bigger opportunity for advertisers than traditional display ads, which suffer from sinking engagement rates and issues of viewability.

Coull Vidlinkr integrates advertiser creative within contextually relevant video content, delivering increased brand uplift and higher engagement rates. The average clickthrough rate of a Coull Vidlink is 1.6%, compared to the industry average of 0.1% for display ads.

Enabling advertisers to convert display ad inventory into video ads will allow them to move away from the current siloed way of handling different advertising formats and embrace a more integrated approach.


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Definition of terms:

  • IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)
  • MRAID (Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions)


For further information, please contact:

Dan Madden, Coull VP Marketing