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Coull’s independent, proprietary technology platform moves into the programmatic video exchange market and attracts new investment.

21.01.2016 - Bristol, UK: Coull, the independent, proprietary ad tech platform with billions of ad requests globally, have secured additional investment of 6.3 million to drive a new breed of ad exchange that aims to rebuild trust in the programmatic video advertising landscape.

iOS and Android App Publishers Can Now Integrate Highly Engaging Video Advertising Technology Within Their Apps

14.04.2015 – Bristol, UK: Coull, a pioneer in the delivery of data-driven, contextually relevant video advertising, has today launched a new in-app software development kit (SDK) that gives any mobile app publisher in the world the opportunity to integrate video advertising within their app, even if they do not already have existing video content.

Coull creates world’s first programmatic private marketplace for in-video overlay advertising

New marketplace allows publishers to drive the highest value from their digital media assets


Completion rates for online video unveiled in new study by Coull

London, June 16 2014: Videos featuring cars are most likely to engage UK online video audiences, with 61 per cent of viewers watching to the end. Animal and pets also enjoy a high completion rate with almost half of viewers (49 per cent) staying the course.

That’s according to data released by Coull, a provider of video monetization technology, following analysis of 12 million videos plays.

VAST-O-Matic transcoder allows display ads to be automatically converted to in-video ads.

Coull, the video monetization platform for digital publishers, has launched VAST-O-Matic, a transcoder technology that converts traditional display ads to VAST-compliant in-video overlays. 

New funding, regional hires, revenue growth and US expansion

New partnership will increase cost efficiencies, reduce ad waste and improve control in trading for media buyers

London: Coull, the video monetization platform for digital publishers, has today announced that it is partnering with LiveRail, the leading programmatic video advertising platform, to open up its premium video inventory to the burgeoning programmatic buying market.