Coull's Vision

The vision starts brewing. Coull’s founders want to make online video an interactive experience - to let you lean forward and engage with content that sparks your interest.

The Tech Landscape Makes Things Difficult

The lack of hi-speed internet in the mass market slows everything down

Wide variety of different video formats make it hard to create a tool that works consistently

Early Days For Online Advertising

Limited online advertiser budgets means the market isn’t ready for the vision

But Things Start Moving

Google buys YouTube in late 2006. It has 50 million users

Household internet speeds start to pick up


Coull Founded

November 2008

Coull takes first steps creating bespoke interactive video for big brands like Nike.

The tech wars are over. The new landscape is clear.

Video hosting/streaming battle won by YouTube

Video format war won by Flash

Product catalogues become available through centralised portals:


Alignment of technology means Coull can develop a platform for advertisers to create their own interactive online video on a self-serve basis.


We want to bring together these elements of the online video and ecommerce ecosystem so that advertisers can generate an incremental revenue stream; to connect viewers with products through the engagement of video.


The dominant online advertising model is based on CPM (Cost per Mille). We want to help advertisers to measure interaction - to grasp the the effectiveness of their content to engage their audience.

March 2009

Coull launches first Cost Per Click model for online video advertising. Advertisers only pay when a viewer engages with their video content.

June 2009

Coull shortlisted for Best Use of Technology in Affiliate Marketing at Performance Marketing Awards.


Technology landscape shifts, triggering Coull’s new interactive video platform for publishers and bloggers

Technology proliferates and saturates

High levels of smartphone adoption. The introduction of tablets (iPad introduced April 2010)

Low-cost recording on handsets makes it easy to upload video to YouTube and embed on websites

Video Consumption Rates Continue to Rise

Video consumption rates are still on the rise

Everyone's a video producer

Producing video content becomes something anyone can do. Youtube booms as bedroom bloggers upload their videos worldwide. Established publishers realise power of video content to attract and engage their community.


How to monetize all that video content? Pre-/post-roll advertising dominates. Playing a video ad before and/or after the video content makes money but delays access and annoys viewers.

Applying Coull's Vision

Publisher/blogger platform launched: Import content from YouTube, add clickable buttons to buy products, and publish it on their blog. Publisher earns when viewer buys.


Data Driving Decisions

We start monitoring how people watch and engage with Coull videos. With multiple interactive elements in a video, we wanted to know who clicked where and how frequently? What part of our video experience was adding value and what was taking it away?

Measuring engagement

Online video consumption grows

YouTube hits 4bn views per day


Data Drives Change

Analysing our data shows that while Coull video viewers have the ability to click on a number of objects within a video, it’s the call to action (CTA) at the top of the video frame that drives 80% of clicks.

We remove everything but one CTA

Stats show viewers don’t want interactive. They want an easy option to take the next step in their journey. Content leads, presentation simplified.

Video creative takes the lead, supported by a compelling CTA to drive sales.

Content becomes the focus but the ability to make money is not diminished.

April 2012 - Coull expands to the USA

Coull acquires Santa Barbara online marketing agency RevUpNet to expand operations into the USA.

October 2012 - Coull Vidlinkr

Online video becomes ubiquitous. Vlogging takes off on a huge scale. Everyone is at it.

We needed to make our proposition, to add value to video, scalable for the mass of video content out there, to enable bloggers and publishers big and small to make money from video quickly and easily.

We build Coull Vidlinkr

This enables people to monetize all of their video content in minutes by automatically adding a call to action linking the viewer directly to a relevant product or offer.


Shortlisted for Best Brand Engagement Campaign at the Performance Marketing Awards

April 2013 – Vidlinkr gets smarter

We perform multi-variant testing to put data behind our decisions.

August 2013 – The first branded Vidlink goes live

October 2013 – Growth

Service growth

Staff growth

Seamlessly scaled our services to handle our growth rate of 22000% for 2013 (from Jan to Oct) whilst ensuring continuity of services.

Grown about 90% to 40 staff.


January 2014 – Coull Goes Programmatic

Integrated with leading programmatic platforms to enable delivery of contextual advertising at a global scale.

April 2014 – New ventures

RADAR goes live - allowing us to enrich ad requests with a variety of inventory-level data.

A new office in NYC is opened with a great team to back it!

Oct 2014 – Sure signs of success


Over 1 million ad requests per minute on RADAR.

Win SPARKies award for 'Totally Killing It Abroad'.

Nov 2014 - Growth

YTD Video inventory grew 8117%

YTD revenue grew 5353%

The Coull Team is up by 9 people this year, with a major recruitment drive in process for 2015.

What does 2015 hold for us?

  • Development and U.S teams to double in size.
  • In-app SDK that delivers linear and non-linear advertising against in-app video content.
  • A fully platform-agnostic video advertising solution for media partners.