QA Test Analyst

6 Month Contract to begin January 2017

Salary: Competitive and dependant on experience

Location: Bristol, UK

At Coull we strive to deliver unique, exciting and relevant technology to the highest standard. We are a small but very efficient team of talented and highly skilled individuals who thrive in the challenging and rewarding environment we have created for ourselves. We believe that  regardless of rapidly changing priorities, the products we create should always be exceptional and quality should never be sacrificed. Our modest team have been responsible for some great achievements throughout Coull’s history and continue to be an intrinsic part of shaping the future of the business.

We are looking for a QA Test Analyst to join our team for a 6 month period whilst our current QA is away on sabbatical. During this time the successful candidate will be the only tester at Coull and as such will have to be confident and competent in owning the test process from start to finish. This role requires a mix of approaches to testing including but not limited to functional, end to end and regression testing. In addition, given our high developer to QA ratio, automation is a must, along with the ability to clearly communicate and collaborate with people from all over the business.

Functional/Technical Skills:


  • Extensive experience in Quality Management Software and Processes

    • Test planning / case writing

    • Bug reporting and tracking

  • Strong Java programming abilities

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Selenium and JUnit

  • Understanding of version control and Git

  • Knowledge and experience in technical aspects of software solutions being tested

  • Business process understanding

  • Knowledge of the web development life cycle

Soft Skills:


  • Clear communicator (written and verbal) – to ensure ability to write test plans and test cases and to communicate bugs to developers and other stakeholders

  • Creative solving of technical problems – to ensure the ability to translate technical requirement test plans

  • Ability to focus on deadlines and deliverables – this ensures the ability to find the bad defects and bugs quickly

  • Ability to think abstractly – conforming to the norm does not aid in finding bugs quickly so thinking outside the box is a must

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently

  • Passionate about delivering high quality products to end users

  • Strong people skills



  • Get involved in the development cycle early in process to provide input and plan tests before a product is ready for testing

  • Write high quality, value driven test scenarios and cases

  • Manage test data (including keeping relevant test pages and test devices up to date)

  • Keeping note of current trends in device usage and reacting accordingly with tailored test plans

  • Explore and introduce new ways to improve test processes (new tools and programs, test types and methodologies)

  • Use different methods to approach testing (functional, exploratory, end to end)

  • Write and maintain automated test suites, constantly updating and improving efficiency and test coverage

  • Working closely with the development team to schedule releases and testing times

  • Finding and helping identify issues

  • Writing clear and repeatable issue tracking tickets, allowing developers and other people from the business to understand and recreate issues easily.

  • Maintain bug lists closing of old outdated issues

    • Keeping existing issues up to date with new information

    • Revisiting and reviewing old issues that may be fixed/no longer relevant


If you’re interested in this role, want to be part of an exciting team of technical and creative leaders and be at the forefront of new video advertising solutions, send a cover letter and current CV to:

Strictly no recruitment agencies please - recruiters will be sent glitter bombs and you know how hard that stuff is to get rid of.