Demand Account Manager - Bristol

The Demand Account Manager is a key operational role that works closely with internal and external parties. This role will be the point of contact for demand partners on the Coull platform. The Demand Account Manager will work closely with the Business Development, Account Management, and Ad Operations teams to ensure Coull delivers overall superior service, grows partnerships, and provides day to day support to all partners.


  • Act as point of contact for demand partnerships
  • Effectively communicate all aspects of relationship with partner and internal teams (cross-functional role)
  • Ensure optimal performance for demand partners and grow revenue month over month, exceeding targets. These will include any domain or geo optimizations.
  • Proactively identify customer engagement opportunities to help support and grow each partnership
  • Be able to run reports on different User Interfaces.
  • Update CRM system with client expectations and commercial needs
  • Track commercial growth along with company targets.
  • Liaise with demand sales team and assist with onboarding of new clients. 
  • Work with supply managers to optimize inventory/match up demand and supply effectively. 
  • Analyse reports and make necessary optimizations, identify trends, missed opportunities etc. -Report weekly figures, trends, and new/upcoming accounts to head of adops 
  • Work closely with adops integration team on any testing needed.
  • Keeping up with Industry trends in the Digital advertising space.
  • Work closely with product team and report needs of demand partners e.g. brand safety, viewability requirements etc. 
  • Work with finance to reconcile final numbers at the end of each month and work with Ad Ops to identify the cause of any discrepancies
  • Manage multiple advertiser and agency accounts, developing positive working relationships with the media buyers, planners and operations teams at these companies.
  • Identify and capitalise on potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, as well as renewing existing business opportunities.


  • A people person, who is keen on building relationships and being the first point of contact for all demand accounts.
  • Willing to adapt to a changing industry and keeping up with a fast changing environment.
  • Evidence of technical knowledge would be advantageous
  • Commercially minded.
  • Excel and Microsoft word experience
  • Proven track record in establishing high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Previous experience working in a client facing role would be helpful

If you're interested please submit your CV to michelle (at) coull (dot) com