We are a technology company that's reinventing the way programmatic video advertising works, creating lucrative new revenue streams for media companies and new opportunities for advertisers.

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Why we're different

Our video advertising platform, which processes billions of ad requests across 180 markets every month, is purpose-built to make video advertising more efficient, more effective and more valuable for our partners. It’s built to make video advertising more relevant. More relevant to consumers, who demand better advertising experiences. More relevant to media companies, who deserve a sustainable revenue model, and more relevant to advertisers who demand maximum return on investment.

The digital content economy is built on advertising, but advertising is struggling to deliver appropriate returns. Our goal is to make video advertising relevant by, well, making it relevant. Literally. Our technology categorises video inventory and gives advertisers the power to deliver their advertising against relevant content.

Consumers are served ads that are relevant to their specific interest at that time. Advertisers see increased performance from the same creative. Media companies earn more revenue from justifiably higher premiums.

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